Photography for me is about capturing that unexpected moment. Whether it is catching the breath-taking first look of a groom seeing his bride walking down the aisle, the complete character of siblings together, or the competitive world of sports, my focus is always on the customer and meeting their needs.

I found my passion for photography in 2002 while completing my Senior Project. I took on the task of designing promotional materials for the Athletics Department, and chose to take ALL of the photographs used in the designs. In 2005 I took the plunge and began seeking clients out, exploring my particular niche in the market.

As you look through my website please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding my services and/or pricing. If you are interested in my services for weddings photography and you love my photos, but aren’t really a fan of my pricing, please be honest and contact me. I am always willing to customize any collection to meet the clients’ needs and I will always provide personal and professional services.

“I want a client to choose me because of my work, not my pricing. I may not be the cheapest photographer, but I am a firm believer in that you get what you pay for.” – Skye Hardwick